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  • "Tata Motors gave me a wonderful platform to start my professional career. The responsibilities given to me provide enough sense of ownership and great challenges which are necessary for both personal and professional growth."

    - Shantanu Rajesh Gupta, CVBU, Purchase & Supplier Quality, Pune

  • "Tata Motors throws at you challenges that you aspire for in professional life. With career growth opportunities like Fast Track Selection Scheme, it allows you to explore beyond your function. This culture puts you out of your comfort zone to learn and work on demanding projects. Working here enables you to build your risk taking abilities with great colleagues and leadership. Tata Motors values and Tata group culture helps you to develop yourself as an enriched professional."

    - Shripad Joshi, Corporate Human Resources, Mumbai

  • "An overwhelming time since the beginning, could not even feel properly when ‘Tata Motors’ that just came for campus placement has become a blaze in my heart. Learning is not just technical now; it has become more of life lessons. Everybody understands the word ‘responsibility’ but TATA makes you feel it more closely. How we take care of safety culture in plant is something to be very proud of. It is just our daily habit now!"

    - Meetu Chauhan, CVBU Operations, Pantnagar

  • "It feels great , when I see all these vehicles running around all over The India at every corner , have been made from that one single line which I have set up or worked on personally. Well! This small feeling of pride is more joyous & rewarding than anything else.

    Learning & delivery is a key iconic theme at Tata Motors. Interaction to a vast trait of people coming from different layers of society is just a daily routine now."

    - Soumik Manik, CVBU Operations, Pantnagar

  • "In a dynamic industry like ours, challenges and excitement is guaranteed. Tata Motors is one company that gives you a free hand if you show the inclination & drive to perform. During my stint with the company, I have been given opportunities to handle varied roles. With a refreshed product line, Tata Motors has also revamped the workplace environment to reflect the vibrancy and a forward looking mind-set – a snug fit with our futuready philosophy."

    - Scherezade Bahmani, Corporate HR

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