D&I vision

Tata Motors, an organisation of significant global aspiration has embraced diversity and inclusion at all levels as a strategy to move forward.

When Tata Lead – the Tata group’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiative – was launched in 2014. Gender diversity being the immediate area of focus, Tata Motors responded by forming a diversity council at apex and unit levels, which is tasked with increasing gender diversity in the organisation through various initiatives and actions. Leadership tracks the results of these activities to measure progress and take corrective action.

Empowering women

Indian culture is undergoing a transitional phase where womenfolk are being celebrated for their talents beyond the excepted norm and gender-based chores are slowly fading away from our society.

  • Adopting a Kid

    Introducing a new life into your own is not only a special moment but a start to a special journey altogether. We support the concept of adopting a child and understand various dynamics that need to be resettled with new responsibilities. Therefore, Tata Motors provide paid leave up to 3 months to employees post child adoption.
  • Work-life Balance

    Tata Motors offers an encouraging workplace for women who enter the motherhood phase. With various options in hand such as flexible work hours, work from home or part-time work, women employees on their way to becoming mommies can easily manage their work-life balance.
  • Valuing Motherhood

    New mothers are eligible for 6 months paid leave, which allows them to enjoy the new phase of life without any stress of work. Tata Motors has installed crèche facilities which allow the new mothers to bring along their infants at the workplace and monitor them on a time-to-time basis while managing their work alongside.
  • Sabbatical Policy

    We encourage women employees to pursue the desired course they feel can help their career growth or a hobby which can be long pending, or just take a break from work to rejuvenate. Our sabbatical policy is easily accessible to all the women employees to be leveraged for their personal or professional growth.

Women development programmes and initiatives at group level

There are several programmes conducted at the group level as a part of D&I initiatives. TML regularly participates by nominating high potential women employees and senior leaders for these programmes. These programmes are listed below.

  • Tata Mentors

    Tata Mentors is a structured development programme that provides a cross company mentoring platform. The programme aims to create mutually beneficial relationships between mentors and mentees that enable career development of mentees by aligning the mentoring process with their development needs

  • Pathways to Success

    The programme is meant for women who have around 5-8 years of work experience. It focuses on actively engaging women talent and enabling their career growth. Pathways to Success seeks to help confront and address the unique challenges that women face in their careers

  • Reach Out

    The Reach Out programme aims to provide a development platform for senior women leaders. By connecting with leaders and peers across a group of likeminded organisations, they can share, network and learn to enable greater career success

  • CXO Workshops

    These are one-day workshops that focus on sensitising senior leadership teams on the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I). The workshop involves building the business case for D&I, being aware of business practices across the globe and understanding unconscious biases that we have and how they manifest at the workplace

  • Power of Inclusive Management workshops (POIM)

    POIM workshops are conducted to sensitise the middle management across the group about diversity and inclusion. These half day workshops focus on understanding the business case for an inclusive management style and practical advice on being an inclusive manager.

Women at Work Initiatives

  • SCIP – (Second Careers. Inspiring Possibilities.)

    Established in 2008 by Tata Group, SCIP Policy enables women with good work experience to find their way back into the job market after a career break due to any reason. With a plethora of work options such as work on a full-time basis, project basis, or as a consultant, Tata Motors aims to support ambitious women professionals.

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  • GearUp - Women Development Programme

    A hyper-local programme focused to provide mentorship to eligible women employees in order to equip them with desired skills and qualities for their next professional role. The programmes under Gear-Up are designed very specifically to provide training or mentorship basis each women employee's strengths and improvement areas.

Hear from
Tata Motors employees

  • "I always wanted exposure in multiple areas and the rotations always allowed me to learn and explore new areas of work. All areas related to personal and professional development found support within the organization, with friendly policies and professional managers who saw me beyond immediate deliverables."

    - Bhumika Marwaha, Global Delivery Center, Mumbai

  • "It was a dream come true when I grabbed the opportunity to work in Tata Motors 12 years back. I believe the strong work ethics & culture is crux of Tata family, which plays very crucial role for women work force to excel. I have been awarded with number of honors & it keeps me exploring new heights by challenging myself further. The kind of support extended by seniors & colleagues during ups & downs of one’s life is heartening."

    - Manasi Aryamane, CVBU, Sales & Marketing, Mumbai

  • "An overwhelming time since the beginning, could not even feel properly when ‘Tata Motors’ that just came for campus placement has become a blaze in my heart. Learning is not just technical now; it has become more of life lessons. Everybody understands the word ‘responsibility’ but TATA makes you feel it more closely. How we take care of safety culture in plant is something to be very proud of. It is just our daily habit now!"

    - Meetu Chauhan, CVBU Operations, Pantnagar

  • "After 6 months of being on maternity leave, I was both happy and apprehensive about resuming work. Happy because I knew I could contribute to my workplace in a positive manner and apprehensive as I was not sure how I would be able to manage the dual responsibilities of a working professional and a mother. Thankfully, Tata Motors gave me the liberty to work half a day. This was a confidence boost for me as I could now appreciate the pleasures of being a mother as well as an employee. This policy may come across as a small endeavour to support working mothers, but for me, it was an invaluable one as it contributed immensely to my happiness."

    - Munmun Kedia, Corporate Human Resources

  • "Tata Motors has allowed me to unleash my potential. SCIP is a wonderful initiative for working women who wish to strike work – life balance, manage home and kids without compromising on their career aspirations. It has allowed me to unleash my potential to the fullest besides making me a super mom at home. Kudos to Tata Motors."

    - Rina Shrivastava, SCIP (Consultant)

  • "In a dynamic industry like ours, challenges and excitement is guaranteed. Tata Motors is one company that gives you a free hand if you show the inclination & drive to perform. During my stint with the company, I have been given opportunities to handle varied roles. With a refreshed product line, Tata Motors has also revamped the workplace environment to reflect the vibrancy and a forward looking mind-set – a snug fit with our futuready philosophy."

    - Scherezade Bahmani, Corporate HR

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