Life @ Tata Motors
Innovate. Celebrate. Repeat.

Tata Motors is built on strong foundation of a culture that brings together the legacy of the brand and vibrancy of today's youth. At Tata Motors, we encourage our employees to work with twin agendas of pursuing growth and achieving common goals. We also believe that happy and healthy employees make the happy and healthy workplace. Our offerings to employees go beyond the monetary benefits.

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Our legacy gives our employees the ROOTS to stay firm with integrity and focus while our perpetually evolving cultural scenarios provide WINGS to the employees to achieve bold targets. Tata Motors has given many firsts to the world of mobility in India as well as globally and we firmly believe that our robust work culture has been a driving force behind our achievements so far and it will continue to be so as we steer ahead in our journey to innovate.

We also believe that happy and healthy employees make the happy and healthy workplace. Therefore our offerings to employees go beyond the monetary and bonus benefits. Tata Motors contribute to its employees' life and career growth in more than one way.

Medical Benefits

Comprehensive medical benefits for employees and their dependent family members.

Flexi Working

Healthier work-life balance

Flexible working options for working mothers

Perk Car & Interest Subsidy on Car Loan

Encourage employees to use Tata Motors vehicle and act as brand ambassadors.

Makes every day travel to workplace convenient and flexible.

Facilitate employees in owning personal assets by providing interest subsidy on Tata/Tata distributed cars.

Explore your Career, Higher Education Program & Management Education Academy

Break the monotony and explore new role.

Being a people centric organization, we encourage the employees to pursue higher education programs to fulfil their desire of pursuing higher education from some of the most prestigious institutes in the country.

The Academy focuses on developing talent by strengthening Leadership Behaviours, Management Education, and Soft Skills.

Sabbatical, Maternity & Adoption leave & Holiday Club

Enable employees to meet their personal requirements (higher education/medical exigencies/voluntary work/child care) while being on extended leave.

Complete support to an employee once they step into parenthood.

Provide opportunities to the employees to spend some quality time with their family and explore the world at affordable prices.

Tata Shop Share Smile

Bring exclusive offers/discounts from over 30 B2C brands from our group companies for employees and their friends/family.

What’s behind the scenes?

The perk of being a Tata Motors employee don’t stop at collaborating with great people on exciting and innovative projects. We also offer a full range of benefits that support you and your eligible family members. At Tata Motors, we ensure that you and your loved ones have the resources you need to thrive, on and off work.

Working at Tata Motors

We are the sum total of the passion, learning aspirations and 'one of the best places to work with'. TATA's legacy and value system provide a unique platform that galvanizes our employees' curiosity and knowledge to learn, grow & have fun at work.

Hear from
Tata Motors employees

  • "I have always felt supported at Tata Motors and have had tremendous growth opportunity within a small period of time to work, with so many different business units, a lot of interesting projects and interactions with senior management. I feel empowered in my decision-making, knowing my team and the company support me. I appreciate the knowledge that my co-workers and managers have shared and their willingness to be open to new ideas."

    - Nutan Nivate, Information Technology, Mumbai

  • "It was a dream come true when I grabbed the opportunity to work in Tata Motors 12 years back. I believe the strong work ethics & culture is crux of Tata family, which plays very crucial role for women work force to excel. I have been awarded with number of honors & it keeps me exploring new heights by challenging myself further. The kind of support extended by seniors & colleagues during ups & downs of one’s life is heartening."

    - Manasi Aryamane, CVBU, Sales & Marketing, Mumbai

  • "In 3 years of my journey with Tata Motors, I think that joining Tata Motors as a fresher via campus placement has been one of the best decisions of my life. I think Tata Motors is the only company, which believes and provide opportunities and challenges to groom an individual in the professional world. One of the good things about TATA Motors is its open and transparent culture. Senior Management is approachable and receptive to new ideas. This gave me an immense opportunity to identify my abilities, reaffirm myself and contribute to the organization."

    - Udit Kumar, CVBU Operations, Lucknow

  • "The culture and ethos of the company creates a drive inside you to achieve beyond what you previously thought was possible. This drive, coupled with the guidance and wisdom of our leaders, has led me to gain knowledge and exposure in a multitude of fields in a very short span of time."

    - Sayantan Deb, CVBU Human Resource, Mumbai

  • "My time with Tata Motors so far has groomed me into a confident professional who isn’t fazed by any goal. The all-round learning experience can only be surpassed by the values of integrity, honesty and team-work that the Tata Experience imbibes in you."

    - Kunj Chedda, CVBU Finance, Mumbai

  • "Being a part of Tata Motors family brings in me an immense sense of gratitude and passion to move forward. The fact that Tata Motors pushes you to “Dare to Try” is very encouraging. Moreover, platforms like Innovista and the Tata Business Leadership Awards (TBLA) are unique offerings, which enhances one’s caliber and confidence. I love the cordial work environment and the focus on safety and ethics in whatever we do. It’s really been a worth of a journey I am part of."

    - Raghav Sharma, CVBU Operations, Pantnagar

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