Our Campus Philosophy

We approach the best minds on campuses with the best opportunities

Designed to help bright young minds grow into future leaders, we have established a well-structured induction programme ensuring that the campus hires get a flavour of the business, followed by a domain-specific process to build functional capability. This practical exposure is adequately complemented by the Tata Motors Academy, our online learning platform with hundreds of courses. Ample exposure to real-time business scenarios under the guidance of veterans from the industry helps students get the much-needed perspective in their 'campus-to-corporate' journey.

Our Programmes

Campus Initiatives

We love being on campus and mingling with young talent having infectious energy. By partnering academic institutions, we undertake various engagement initiatives with students to revolutionise the auto industry.

  • T - Talk

    Through our T - Talk series (guest lecture series) we ensure that students can gain from the experiences of seasoned professionals at Tata Motors. It gives the students a real-world feel, preparing them for life as a corporate team player. The T - Talk series is a big hit with students as they get to understand the nuances of working as a team or even leading it.

  • The Case Study Challenge

    The MindRover case study challenge for B –Schools & T –Schools is a unique case study competition that presents real time business challenges and asks students to ideate and come up with solutions for the same. The whole objective of this contest is to well-verse students with the real-time challenges faced by automobile players so that their transition from students to professionals is easier.

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Hear from
Tata Motors employees

  • "Tata Motors connects my aspirations brilliantly. Taking one-step at a time, I have had great exposure, great encouragement and great people to work under. I have been on the field, on the roads, in the Sun amongst customers- who are a backbone of the company. Sales has added volumes to my learning graph- not just theoretically, more practically."

    - Jayanti Asthana, Corporate Strategy & Business Transformation, Mumbai

  • "I joined Tata Motors CVBU as a Graduate Engineering Trainee and it has been an exhilarating 3 years of continuous learning. Most rewarding part of this job is to see my efforts actualize into a full-fledged vehicle which is loved by the customer for serving his business needs and his earnings."

    - Shubham Srivastav, CVBU, Purchase & Supplier Quality, Pune

  • "Joining Tata Motors as a GET in 2016 was a wonderful experience, giving me a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow as an engineer along with development of managerial & leadership skills. The joy and delight of contributing to the society through making better products and making customers happy is the best experience I had. I wish to continue this exciting journey imbibing the values and making contributions towards the vision and mission of this company."

    - Nasim Ahmed, CVBU Operations, Lucknow

  • "I joined Tata Motors as a GET and it was a huge transformation for me from academic life to professional life but Tata Motors made it very easy. Working in Production department since starting and the best thing about it is that, it provides you the opportunity to interact with all different departments to achieve the required target. The challenges you face here will make you stronger and will provide you ample opportunity to grow as much as you can."

    - Ojaswa Singh, CVBU Operations, Lucknow

  • "An overwhelming time since the beginning, could not even feel properly when ‘Tata Motors’ that just came for campus placement has become a blaze in my heart. Learning is not just technical now; it has become more of life lessons. Everybody understands the word ‘responsibility’ but TATA makes you feel it more closely. How we take care of safety culture in plant is something to be very proud of. It is just our daily habit now!"

    - Meetu Chauhan, CVBU Operations, Pantnagar

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